Women Who Dance TangoThe Tango Calendar Girl Project

Inside the Dream:
Celebrating Women Who Dance Tango
Photography by Candice White

In tango, dancers search for that elusive moment when there is no longer any difference between dream and reality.

The photos have been taken.  The memories made.  Now, see the final product celebrating the dance we love and the women who dance it.

The calendar made its public debut at the TAD Milonga in Dallas on Saturday, August 21, 2004.  Live music was provided by the Glover Gill Tango Trio of Austin.

The calendar was a work of art celebrating the beautiful, truthful and sometimes difficult nature of tango and how dancing changed the lives of the women involved.

The March 2005 issue of Tango Noticias (a tango magazine from Chicago) had an article about the Tango Calendar Girl Project.  To get the March 2005 issue, follow the links in the Tango Noticias archive.

The tango calendar is no longer available, but some of the images are.

To view some of the available images,
see Candice White's Portfolio Tango / 2005 Calendar

For more information,
contact Candice White, (214) 749-5071.

About the Tango Calendar Girl Project and Candice White:

The Tango Calendar Girl Project was organized by a group of women who dance Argentine tango in Dallas.
For more information, contact Candice White, (214) 749-5071.

To learn more about Candice White and her photography, visit her webpage:

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