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We Are No Longer Maintaining this Webpage.  Consequently, we are no longer sure about the accuracy of any of the links that are listed.

Austin Tango: Milongas & Practicas
Austin Tango: Workshops & Festivals
Austin Spring Tango Festival
Fandango de Tango
Daniela Arcuri
YoLaTango Austin
Georgetown Tango
Academy of Tango, Texas
Always Tango
Day of Tango

College Station
College Station Tango (Facebook)

Dallas/Fort Worth
Argentine Tango in Dallas/Fort Worth from Tango Argentino de Tejas
North Texas Tango Calendars from Creative Tango
TangoDallas yahoo group (membership required)
TangoFortWorth yahoo group (membership required)
Fandango de Tango
Evolution Tango
La Vida es una Milonga
Creative Tango
Nocturna Tango
Tango Canyengue Dallas
Casa Estudio de Tango

Tango Houston
Argentine Tango Club
Houston Argentine Tango Association
Cosas del Tango
Sabra Tango
Baires Tango
Mauro Tango
Orlando Budini Tango
One Love Tango
Susana Collins Tango

San Antonio
San Antonio Tango
Tango in San Antonio
Daniela Arcuri Tango
Rincon del Tango
Tango Argentino de San Antonio Archive of an Old Site

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Monica Caivano has an apartment in Buenos Aires available for short-term rental (daily/weekly/monthly).  Information and photos at Moni Tango.  For for information, see MoniTango or contact , 512.524.2772.

Junne DeGanee has an apartment in Buenos Aires available for short-term rental.  For information, see Rental Tango Buenos Aires.

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Tango Argentino de Tejas

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