La Cumparsita

developed by Stephen and Susan Brown

Argentine tango is one of the great music styles in the world and essential for dancing tango. We provide guides for developing a collection of tango music and using it for social dancing.

Building a Collection of Tango Music for Social Dancing

A comprehensive guide for getting started on building a collection of Argentine tango music for social dancing.

Music for Dancers New to Argentine Tango

A guide to the recordings best-suited for dancers first learning to hear the rhythm of Argentine tango music.

Playing Music for Milongas: The DJ’s Role

A guide for the person playing recorded music at milongas, practicas and other tango events.

Classics of Tango Dance Music

An evolving list of great tangos, milongas and valses for social dancing as recommended by tango dancers and DJs from around the world.

An Annotated List of Tandas

A list of more than 100 coherent sounding tandas that capture the best recordings of each tango orchestra.

A DJ’s Guide to Post-Golden-Age Recordings

A brief guide to some post-golden-age CDs for the DJ playing music at milongas and practicas.

A DJ’s Guide to Neo-Tango Recordings

A brief guide to some neo-tango CDs for the DJ playing music for tango dancers who would enjoy something new and different.