by Stephen Brown

Buenos Aires is the ultimate destination for dancing to Argentine Tango. Recent visitors and economic analysts report that economic conditions in Argentina are improving and there is little evidence of the recent economic upheavel in the country other than a very favorable exchange rate for visitors.

Below are links to a collection of essays and information that you may find useful in making such a trip. None are intended to be the comprehensive guide to visiting Buenos Aires.

Where to Buy Tango Shoes in Buenos Aires
– by Stephen Brown

For those visiting Buenos Aires, buying new tango shoes is often a must. Here is a fairly comprehensive list of places to buy tango shoes in Buenos Aires.

Money Matters for Tango Tourists to Buenos Aires
– by Janis Kenyon

An American who has become an insider in the milonguero culture in Buenos Aires examines the details of money matters for tango tourists to Buenos Aires.

More on Argentina

More articles about Argentina’s current issues.

Tango in Buenos Aires
– by Janis Kenyon (on

The dance styles of the milongueros dominate social tango dancing in Buenos Aires. Once you have danced in these styles, you may not want to dance socially in a style you were taught by a stage dancer.

Some Additional Resources for Tourists to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Milongas Directory
– by Shahrukh Merchant

Shahrukh’s comprehensive listing of milongas in Buenos Aires.

Tango and Chaos in Buenos Aires
– by Rick McGarrey (on his website)

A set of personal observations rather than a guide

Will Your Dreams Come True in Buenos Aires?
– by Desiree Vittorio (on Zapatos Rojos)

Personal observations of one evening of dance in Buenos Aires